MPCD: Middle Persian Corpus and Dictionary

MPCD is a digital corpus and dictionary dedicated to Zoroastrian Middle Persian, powered by Treeflow, a web-based tool for creating digital dictionaries, managing corpora, and editing Universal Dependencies.

Kosh: A Framework for Creating and Maintaining APIs for Lexical Data

With Kosh you can make dictionaries in XML format be available via APIs with reduced technical requirements. You can try some of the APIs created for different datasets here:

EISP: Extract, Index and Search PDFs

EISP allows you to extract, index and search any PDF containing text. “Diccionario Etimológico de las Voces Chilenas Derivadas de las Lenguas Indígenas Americanas”

Digital version of a fundamental work for the Chilean and Latin American lexicography, compiled by Rodolfo Lenz.

The application is a bit old, but it works.